A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

The game takes place in 3022.

The world has taken on a different configuration following extreme climatic changes that have taken place as a result of irresponsible human use.

As a result of these changes - harmony in the world was violated, and the earth became uninhabitable.

The player is a guest in the world sent to mend the violated harmony. 

In a grueling journey of puzzles, he must collect Mother Earth's lost children to restore order.

WalkWASD or ArrowsLeft Joystick
Camera MovementMouseRight Joystick
RunLeft Shift (Hold)A or B (Hold)
JumpSpaceX or Y
Play Music1, 2, 3, 4D-Pad (the arrows)

Team 9:

Or Smeczechowski, Or Tamir and Hala OmariNirel Reinshmidt and Noga Tendler

* Noga Tendler is also credited for the game's OST


Earth Search.app.zip 233 MB
Earth Search.zip 226 MB